Vaclav Havel – Rebel With a Cause

Coproduction: interscience film, NDR/ARTE
14.02.2010, 5.00 pm, ARTE

A Documentary by Jarmila Buzkova

His life story reads like a novel – something in-between a saga and a thriller. A page-turner that evokes the history of cold-war Europe and the turbulent new beginning that followed the fall of the “Iron Curtain”. But who is Vaclav Havel? A lonely ex-dissident trying to pave the way for democracy or a seductive ex-president with high personal ambitions? A pragmatic fighter for his aims or a dreamer tilting at windmills? A disciplined intellectual or a man attracted by sudden inspiration? Vaclav Havel is it all.
The portrait of this extraordinary statesman looks beyond his political life. Illuminating the paradoxes and coherences that shaped Havel’s personality and thus explains how he became the mythic figure Vaclav Havel remains till today.