Outstanding productions in recent years include:

Palaces of Power
Series, ZDF 2004 and 2007

Karol Wojtyla – Secrets of a Pope” with Michael Mendl and Mario Adorf
Docudrama, ZDF 2006

Giants-Series” with Maximilian Schell, Uwe Ochsenknecht and Matthias Habich
Docudrama Series, ZDF 2007

Between the Frontlines” with Peter Scholl-Latour
Series, ZDF 2008

A Short History of the World – With Hape Kerkeling
6-Part Series, ZDF 2011

Hotel Adlon – A Dokumentary
ZDF 2013, accompanying the 3-part series about the Hotel Adlon

Precht” with Richard David Precht
Philosophical Series, ZDF since 2012

The Clan - A Documentary
ZDF 2013, accompanying the movie “The Clan - The Wagner Story

Life-Or-Death: Peter Scholl-Latour Turns 90
Portrait, ZDF 2014

Germany's Creative Spirits: Karl Lagerfeld
Portrait, SWR/DW 2014

The German Saga” with Sir Christopher Clark
6-Part Series, ZDF 2014-2015

Witnesses to the Century
Talk Series, ZDF 2014

Close up – Gero von Boehm asks
Talk Series, ZDF 2015

Germany's Creative Spirits: Peter Lindbergh
Portrait, SWR/DW 2015

Australia Saga“ with Sir Christopher Clark
2-Part Series, ZDF 2016

Henry Miller - Prophet of Desire
Portrait, SWR/ARTE 2016

Germany's Creative Spirits: Claus Peymann
Portrait, SWR/rbb 2017

Europe Saga“ with Sir Christopher Clark
6-Part Series, ZDF 2017

"Planet of Treasures" with Sir Christopher Clark
6-Part Series, ZDF 2020

You can find a full list of all INTERSCIENCE FILM productions here.

For more than 40 years since its formation INTERSCIENCE FILM has been building up a world wide network of directors, collaborators and contacts.