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Three-part documentary series with Christopher Clark

Why do people believe? What distinguishes and what connects the major religions? How could Christianity and Islam become so strong – and how do religion and secular power relate to each other? Historian Christopher Clark embarks on a quest for clues around the globe in the three-part documentary "Terra X: Power of the Gods – World History of…

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Second season of the successful Terra X-series "Planet of Treasures" with Christopher Clark in association with ZDF and in cooperation with UNESCO.

In the second season of the "Terra X" series, historian Sir Christopher Clark presents numerous UNESCO-listed treasures of mankind around the globe in six new episodes.

Episode 1 - The Treasures of Southern Europe
September 03, 2023, 7:30 p.m., ZDF

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FBW rates Gero von Boehms's documentary film HELMUT NEWTON as "particularly valuable"

On December 16th 2021 ZDF will broadcast Gero von Boehms documentary.


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interscience film on behalf of ZDF
in cooperation with UNESCO

24th November 2021, 02:40 am, ZDFneo
28th November 2021, 06:35 pm, The History Channel
29th November 2021, 08:00 am, The History Channel
05th December 2021, 06:40 pm, The History Channel
06th December 2021, 08:35 am, The History Channel
12th December 2021, 06:40 pm, The History Channel
13th December 2021, 08:00 am, The History Channel


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