Isabella Rossellini – My Wild Life

interscience film, ARTE, Sundance Channel, AVRO, SVT, Stefilm
18.02.2010, 9.55 pm, ARTE

A Documentary by Isabella Rossellini and Gero von Boehm

She started out big: born to one of the most legendary couples of our times, Ingrid Bergmann und Roberto Rossellini, Isabella had it all. But chose to have a life on her own; leaving the shadows of her parents behind and thus becoming a living legend in her – quite exotic – own way.This one part 60 Minute special is a truly intimate portrait of the life and work of Isabella Rossellini, talking about the vicissitudes of a public career, of life and family as never before on screen.Topmodel, muse, award-winning actress, wife to famous husbands… We think we have seen it all. But Isabella is more than just your regular star. She is a woman fighting out of passion and conviction: Speaking out for abortion in catholic Italy,  playing male animals in her own short film series Green-Porno. Trying to accomplish her aims in experimental film.Long before she understood who she was simply by birth and how she wanted to make a living, Isabella had a serious passion for insects. The young girl liked watching them having sex: flies, spiders, bugs. This voyeurism, many years later, made her create the Green-Porno series. She also loved watching caterpillars becoming butterflies – her live has been just like theirs:From costume design for her father, interviewing celebrities, marrying Martin Scorsese, living with David Lynch, Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Vogue and Lancôme.The documentary starts where it all began: in Italy. She is revisiting her past and reveals her present life: raising her adopted – black – son as a single mother in New York, doing research for Green Porno in Patagonia and Naples, creating the costumes for her most successful series of experimental films, directing, and discussing film and life with her friend Jean-Luc Godard.  For this film Isabella takes us around the world; and in the meantime she will be at home. In her house on Long Island she checks on her caterpillars – becoming butterflies.