A Night in November - Countdown for the GDR (Part 1)

14.10.2008, 8.15 pm, ZDF

A Documentary by Gero von Boehm

No other event after the end of World War II has left such deep scars in the collective memory of the Germans as the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989. That night has been called the “brightest moment in Europe darkest Century” and it symbolizes in the same time the beginning of a whole new era in world history.
Exactly twenty years later the documentary “A Night in November,” shows the fateful moments of decision and the euphoria of the change. It tells the “countdown” of the end of the communist regime from New Year’s Eve 1988 to November 9th 1989. But the everyday life in the GDR, with all its contradictions is also on the spot. A whole culture, which is now part of German history, becomes through the film structure and meaning.
Authentic reports, exciting archive material and interviews with the main protagonists and witnesses of those unforgettable days make the film to an event.