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Peter Lindbergh - The Eye

A Documentary by Gero von Boehm

DVD, 52 Min.
Language: German
Format: 16:9 PAL

He is the only German photographer belonging to a select company of ace photographers who shape the global world of fashion and commercials. His high in contrast black-and-white picture stories have got a great recognition value but only a few people know his name. Lately his famous photograph of supermodels in white shirts was elected to be the best photograph of the nineties by Vogue Magazine.
The documentary shows the personality of Peter Lindbergh who positions himself towards the German expressionist’s films of the twentieth and towards the free dance of that period. Based on an avant-garde aesthetics and by incorporating the unpretentious and down-to-earth artist Peter Lindbergh something new is being formed, a distinctive ”verité approach“.