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Exodus? A History of the Jews in Europe

interscience film on behalf of ZDF

14th December 2021, 08.15 pm, phoenix
15th December 2021, 00:45 am, phoenix

2-Part-Documentary by Gero von Boehm

Who are the Jews? Which are their roots? And how is it to be explained that, after thousands of years of wandering, their identity as a people has been preserved to this day - even and especially in Europe?
The two-part documentary tells the history of Judaism through four millennia on one hand, and on the other hand it traces the causes and effects of anti-Semitism, which persecutes this people to this day. It offers a historical approach with contemporary relevance, looking back on the current situation on the traditions and origins of Jewish life in Europe and focusing, but not exclusively, on anti-Semitism. There are many achievements and imprints of Jewish life and culture to show on our continent: Which traces has Judaism left, which values have become an indispensable part of Europe? What scientific, religious and cultural foundations has it laid?
Sir Christopher Clark, who went on a journey through time last year as the presenter of "The Saga of Europe" for ZDF, wants to devote himself to the topic, as it is a special concern for him. The Cambridge historian and native Australian is planning a trip to many places and many interviews in Berlin, Prague, Paris and Jerusalem, amongst others.